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Why should farmers sign up with

Increased Sales - In first year we distributed email newsletters, Perdue's Mountain Fruit Farm saw sales increase 30-40% over any previous season, just by sending out a weekly email newsletter.

Increased Exposure - We do most of the marketing for you. You just have to tell your customers about the site and ask them to sign up for the newsletter. We'll spread the word to the media and consumers. While we won't share mailing lists without permission, the more farmers we can get to signup, the more exposure for everyone.

Great Word of Mouth Marketing - Customers can easily forward your newsletter to their friends. Those friends can sign up or forward the newsletter along to more friends. You get valuable word of mouth buzz with no additional effort!

Decreased Phone Calls - Customers who regularly called your market to learn what produce was in season will now have that information delivered to their inbox. So you and your employees have more time to focus on your farm.

So how do you get started?
Give Pixel & Paper Designs a call at 864.848.0848. Or contact us via email. We'll set up an appointment to come out to your market and get the ball rolling!



Farmer Signup

So what do you get when you sign up with

  • A custom HTML newsletter template designed around your logo or identity, if you have one. If you don't have a logo or identity, we offer logo design services at a discount to participating farmers.
  • Several web pages on the website, including information about your farm with photos, and links to the web versions of each email newsletter we distribute. Sample email newsletterWe include your logo at no extra charge.
  • If you have a website, we are happy to link to it, and ask that you link to us. If you don't have a website but would like one, we're happy to talk to you about that as well. But if it's not in your budget, your customers can find everything they need to know on our website.
  • We create a mailing list with up to 50 email addresses (provided by you). We can input additional addresses for a cost of $10 per 20 names. Customers who sign up for the newsletter via are no exta cost.
  • We take digital photos of your farm and products for distribution in the newsletter.
  • We distribute the newsletter at whatever frequency determined at setup. You simply email us the text you want included in the newsletter. We will insert that text into the newsletter template, edit it for spelling and grammar, insert photos from your farm, and mail out the newsletter to all your customers.

What do we need from you?

Much as you might like to hand over all responsibility for the newsletter to us, we do need your help. This is what you have to do for us:

  • The content for the newsletter, sent via email. You do not have to worry about formatting, or spelling for that matter (though it makes our job easier). Just a paragraph or two detailing what varieties are ripe, market hours, any news you want to highlight. If you've signed up to send out a weekly newsletter, we need this content by Monday morning each week.
  • Email addresses. We have some addresses that we include by default for testing purposes, and visitors to the site can sign up for your newsletter, but the bulk of email names must come from you. This isn't as hard as it sounds. Simply create a signup sheet and keep it by the register. You or your employees ask every customer if they would like to sign up for the mailing list. We will collect this list on a regular basis and add the names to the mailing list at the cost of $10 per 20 names. Perdue's Mountain Fruit Farm does this every season, and regularly adds hundreds of names each year! And these were the best types of names - visitors to the market who already knew and liked what the farm had to offer.

So what does this cost?

Ah, the most important question. The answer is, it depends on how frequently you send updates, and how many people you send updates to.

Setup Fee: $250.00 - This covers the creation of your custom newsletter, inclusion of your farm on the website, and initial setup of your mailing list with up to 50 email addresses. (As stated above, input of additional email addresses costs $10.00 for every 20 added.)

Each issue costs $125 for design and distribution. You simply send us your text and we'll take care of the rest!

Monthly fees (for those months in which you send at least one update) are as follows:

# of Subscribers
Monthly Fee
up to 500
500 to 1500
Please call for rates

You only pay this fee in the months that you send out an email, so if your farm is only open June-November, you would pay each of those months, according to the number of subscribers you have. If you have a year round business but only want to send quarterly updates, you'll pay 4 times per year.

We'll determine at signup what frequency works for your business, and bill you at regular intervals based on that frequency. You'll never pay for more newsletters than we send out.

Interested? Have more questions? Ready to sign up?

CALL US!  864.848.0848