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Perdeaux Fruit Farm, LLC

Mailing Address:
302 Sassafras Drive
Taylors, SC 29687

Farm Location:
2400 Hwy 11
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
Map to Farm Market

Office: (864) 979-8378
Farm Market: (864) 895-0608


2015 Hours:

JUNE 10 and JUNE 13
10:00am til 5:30pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10:00am til 5:30pm
CLOSED Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Wednesday through Saturday 10:00am til 5:30pm
Sunday 12:00pm til 6:00pm
CLOSED on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fourth of July and Labor Day

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Certified SC Grown


Perdeaux Fruit Farm
(formerly Perdue's Mountain Fruit Farm)

Fourteen types of fruit and over 110 varieties.

Apples, Blackberries, Black Raspberries, Standard Pears, Yellow Peaches, White Peaches, Asian Pears, Figs, Persimmons, Muscadines, Prunes, Plums, Apricots, and Nectarines.

View and save our 2015 Fruit Ripening Chart (Requires Adobe Acrobat. Opens in new window).

We also have the following:

  • Wide variety of high quality Preserves made fresh at the farm from our own or local produce.
  • Honey from our bees.
  • Apple Butter and Applesauce made fresh at the farm.
  • Just about the best truly fresh apple cider made in the Carolinas.
  • Local vegetables (tomatoes, corn) and blueberries.

2015 Newsletters

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Perdeaux Fruit Farm closes for the season this Sunday, November 15th. Distributed 11/09/15.

Our last peach variety is finally ripe, plus lots of apples, pears, and muscadines. Distributed 9/30/15.

Apple Season is heating up, and we need more employees for picking and processing. Distributed 8/28/15.

The Drought Means Few Peaches This Weekend, But Come Visit Us for Apples, Pears, and Preserves. Distributed 8/07/15.

It's Peak of Peach Season at Perdeaux. Distributed 7/23/15.

A Little Rain Means Happy Fruit Trees at Perdeaux, and Peaches are in Full Swing. Distributed 7/15/15.

The heat wave has helped our peaches - now picking Red Havens! Plums, white peaches and nectarines by end of next week. Distributed 6/24/15.

Opening newsletter, with fruit charts and season forecast. Distributed 6/08/15.


2014 Newsletters

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We're "emptying the cooler" this Saturday and Sunday - and making the last apple cider and applesauces of the year. Distributed 11/25/14.
Perdeaux Fruit Farm closes for the season this Sunday
, "Empty the Cooler" sale the weekend after Thanksgiving. Distributed 11/19/14.
The 2014 Season is almost done, and Pink Lady Apples are going fast. Distributed 11/11/14.
We Forgot to Say We're Picking the Last Peaches of the Season Today! Distributed 9/12/14.
Fresh Apple Cider, Applesauce, Muscadines and Honey now available at Perdeaux. Distributed 9/11/14.
Perdeaux Fruit Farm needs people, but has lots of apples and the best pears ever. Distributed 8/26/14.
Apples and Pears are ripe at Perdeaux - Peaches, Plums, Nectarines too. Distributed 7/31/14.
It's Great Weather to Come See Us at Perdeaux Fruit Farm. Distributed 7/17/14.
Lots of delicious SC produce now available at Perdeaux. Distributed 7/09/14.
Peaches are in at Perdeaux - and starting Tuesday we're open 6 days a week. Distributed 6/26/14.
Opening newsletter, with fruit charts and season forecast. Distributed 5/25/14.
Become a Clemson Canning Coach. Distributed 5/07/14.
Perdeaux Fruit Farm is hiring. Distributed 4/15/14.
Upcoming Clemson Extension Workshops. Distributed 3/28/14.


Dick Perdue in the orchard

2013 Newsletters

It's our "Empty the Cooler" sale and we close December 8th. Distributed 12/04/13.
Last chance to make apple pie for Thanksgiving, and special hours this holiday week. Distributed 11/23/13.
Special Sale on Apples starting tomorrow - and enjoy cider, biscuits and preserves every weekend til close. Distributed 11/15/13.
Brr! This cold weather means shorter retail hours at Perdeaux Fruit Farm this week. Distributed 11/12/13.
Only a few weeks left to get apples at Perdeaux Fruit Farm. Distributed 11/08/13.
Perdeaux Fruit Farm to be featured on Making It Grow next week! Distributed 10/31/13.
Apples, Apple Cider, Applesauce--and introducing Apple Cider Jelly at Perdeaux. Distributed 10/23/13.
Perdeaux has immediate need for workers - and we have 10 kinds of apples! Distributed 09/11/13.
Just a reminder: Perdeaux is closed on Labor Day. Distributed 08/29/13.
Damson Plums available in limited quantity - call us to order. Distributed 08/23/13.
Peaches, Pears, Plums at Perdeaux (and Apples, too!) Distributed 08/15/13.
The wet weather's been a challenge, but we have lots of fruit - and now preserves! Distributed 07/25/13.
The first really good peaches of the season are at Perdeaux now! Distributed 07/11/13.
Update: Blackberry picking will only be fair tomorrow. Distributed 07/05/2013.
Perdeaux open tomorrow, but then closed until Wednesday. Distributed 07/05/13.
We have peaches at Perdeaux starting tomorrow! Distributed 06/28/13.
Opening newsletter, with fruit charts and season forecast. Distributed 06/12/13.


2012 Newsletters

Perdeaux closes for the season on November 17th. Distributed 11/08/12.
The best apples of the season are here! Distributed 10/24/12.
Last chance for peaches at Perdeaux. Distributed 08/30/12.
Perdeaux has peaches, prunes, pears, preserves, apples and bears (though bears not for sale!). Distributed 08/09/12.
Perdeaux is overflowing with fruits - and we now have preserves! Distributed 07/19/12.
Perdeaux now selling melons on weekends; pick one up with your peaches! Distributed 07/04/12.
Perdeaux is now open 5 days a week with peaches, nectarines and berries. Distributed 06/20/12.
Perdeaux closed today because of weather conditions, open Thursday with berries and white peaches. Distributed 06/12/12.
Opening newsletter, with fruit charts and season forecast. Distributed 05/29/12.
Update to previous email - Gooseberries not available. Distributed 1/26/12.
Offseason news and an apology from Perdeaux. Distributed 1/26/12.


2011 Newsletters

Come work for Perdue's (or come for apples!). Distributed 10/17/11.
Apples, Pears, and Bears at Perdue's. Distributed 09/07/2011.
Apples, Peaches, Plums, Pears and more at Perdue's. Distributed 07/28/11.
Lots of Peaches and Nectarines now at Perdue's. Distributed 07/13/11.
Peaches are ripe at Perdue's. Distributed 06/28/11.
Opening Newsletter, with fruit charts and season forecast. Distributed 5/31/11.
A limited quantity of berries available in the week prior to opening day. Distributed 5/27/11.


2010 Newsletters

Perdue's closes for the season after this Saturday. Distributed 11/17/10.
Arkansas Blacks and Pink Ladies are now at Perdue's. Distributed 11/03/10.
Apple Sauce & Cider delayed a day at Perdue's. Distributed 09/23/10.
Apples are available at Perdue's! Distributed 09/15/10.
Perdue's will be closed this weekend. Distributed 08/27/10.
Good news and bad news at Perdue's. Distributed 08/11/10.
Peaches, plums, preserves at Perdue's. Distributed 07/29/10.
Peaches, peaches, peaches. Distributed 07/20/10.
We're picking peaches tomorrow at Perdue's. Distributed 07/02/10.
Berries, berries, berries at Perdue's tomorrow. Distributed 06/18/10.
Opening Newsletter, with fruit charts and season forecast. Distributed 6/04/10.
A limited quantity of raspberries available this Saturday. Distributed 5/26/10.


2009 Newsletters

Perdue's needs your help! Distributed 12/02/09.
It's time for our End of Season Cooler Emptying Sale! Distributed 11/12/09.
Muscadines are at their peak right now, and we're making cider as fast as we can. Distributed 09/25/09.
Fresh Boiled Peanuts are here! Distributed 09/03/09.
Perdue's has Apples, Grapes, Figs, soon Cider, Sauce and Peanuts! Distributed 08/25/09.
Apple season is in full swing. Distributed 08/18/09.
We're not closed for a week, as apples are ready to pick! Distributed 08/06/09.
Last chance for berries, then we're closed for a week. Distributed 7/29/09.
It's a blackberry pick-a-thon! Distributed 7/10/09.
Berry picking is good and the bridge has reopened, distributed 6/25/09.
You picked us clean! Give us a few days to recover, distributed 6/18/09.
Come pick raspberries! distributed 6/16/09.
First newsletter of the season, distributed the week of 06/08/09.


The Farm and Market on Hwy 11