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Perdeaux Fruit Farm, LLC
Farm Location: 2400 Hwy 11, Travelers Rest, SC 29690
 Farm Market: (864) 895-0608 Office: (864) 979-8378
Apple Season is heating up, and we need more employees for picking and processing

A perfectly ripe apple

Last week's rains really helped! We are picking peaches again and will be for about three more weeks. Still have three varieties to harvest.

Still badly in need of more rain. Lack of it is seriously preventing/delaying necessary growth and ripening of figs and muscadines.

Apple harvest is increasing rapidly. Now have several varieties ripe: Jonagold, Cortland, McIntosh, Early Fuji, Red Winesap, Bramley, Gala and Red Delicious. Should start picking Golden Delicious in few days.

We have picked and sold all our Honeycrisps. While we have an adequate number of bearing trees, it is the most difficult apple to grow. They rot continuously during the growing season. While we made considerable progress in controlling the rot this season, our harvest yield was only about 30%. Have not given up on growing Honeycrisp! In fact, are anxious to apply in depth next season what we learned this year.

Jonagold are sweet and tart with an excellent apple flavor. Similar to Honeycrisp. Really great for eating and cooking! We are now picking lots of them.

If you really like tart apples like Granny Smith, you need to try Bramley. For tartness they put Granny to shame! We've been told that they are the favorite pie apple in the UK. Have provided a bushel of Bramleys for NCSU to use in their taste testing booth at the NC Apple Festival in Hendersonville next week.

Asian Pear on TreeHave picked and available lots of delicious Asian Pear Apples. Still have several more varieties to pick over the next 3 to 4 weeks.

Have a good quantity of Spring Mountain Flower and Sourwood Honey made by our bees right here on the farm. Yesterday, Frankie harvested 18 more full "supers" of honey from bees. Will be extracting, straining and bottling in the processing room over the next couple weeks.

Have no Bartlett Type Pears available right now. As soon as they are ripe, will have two varieties to pick and properly ripen, "the Ugly Pears" and Shenandoah. Will be about three weeks before they will be available.

Three of our great young employees have departed: Mat Smid to Liberty University, Gavin Lawless to Anderson College, and John Patrick. He is a senior at Blue Ridge High and a star on their football team. John will be helping me to operate the retail market on Sundays.

Need your help again to find new apple season employees: Persons to work at 1. Making processed products 2. Harvesting, sorting and boxing apples.

Should have enough apples of desired varieties and quantity to start making Apple Sauce and Apple Cider the week of September 7th.

Please visit us at the farm soon!

Dick Perdue


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2400 S.C. Hwy 11
Travelers Rest, S.C. 29690
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Retail market phone: (864) 895-0608

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