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Perdeaux Fruit Farm, LLC
Farm Location: 2400 Hwy 11, Travelers Rest, SC 29690
 Farm Market: (864) 895-0303 Office: (864) 979-8378
Perdeaux Fruit Farm LLC
2017 Fruit Season Newsletter

Please read this newsletter carefully and save for future reference as crop conditions vary greatly from season to season.


Opening Retail for 2017 Season

For now until July 8th our retail market will be open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 10:00am till 5:30pm. We will be closed on July 4th.

Starting July 12th, retail will be open 5 days a week, Wednesday thru Saturday, 10:00am to 5:30pm, and Sunday from 12:30pm to 5:30pm.

We now have available:

Peaches: Now picking the first good/freestone peaches of the season - Red Havens. Quantity is somewhat limited due to late spring freeze crop loss.

Blackberries: Only limited quantities available right now. Should improve in about a week.

Blueberries: Plenty excellent locally grown berries are now available.

Melons: We will have plenty of South Carolina grown cantaloupes and seedless watermelons available for July 4th.

Tomatoes: By 12pm Thursday will have first of season large, ripe, locally grown tomatoes.

Local Sweet Corn: Also by 12pm Thursday will have first of season locally grown bi-color and white sweet corn.

Our Farm-made Strawberry Rhubarb SauceFresh Strawberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry preserves and Strawberry-Rhubarb sauce: I just made and have available.

Honey: Made by our bees on our farm from all the flowers that bloom on our mountainsides in the springtime.

2017 Fruit Crop Overview

I know that many of you have been wondering, has something happened to me? Have been delaying sending annual newsletter. Had considerable difficulty predicting crop size for our various fruits, the quality of them, and when might start harvesting.

As many of you know I’m a free enterprise/private sector guy. Had a very successful, fantastic 38-year business career with CRYOVAC. Doesn’t seem that long, but now 20+ years as a small businessman. As one who has been there in both, I can tell you that starting, operating, and succeeding in a small business is far, far more mentally and physically challenging/demanding.

Dealing with what Mother Nature throws at you as each season starts and all season long. How it heavily impacts being successful is almost like a continuous nightmare.

She did it again this year with the hard March freeze and cool rainy weather during bloom. To the freeze lost all of the plum and early peach crops. Poorer than desired fruit set on some apple and Asian pear varieties and pollination on blackberries.

Now with the frequent afternoon showers and high humidity; controlling Bitter Rot on apples can become close to impossible.

Some of you are probably saying, why is he still pursing it? I love the challenges! Have spent most of my working career working on things that don’t work.

So what is the good/positive news about this year’s crops?


Have good to excellent crop set for Goldrush, Pink Lady, Cameo, Sun Crisp, Gala, Jonathan, Red Delicious, Braeburn, Zestar, Shenshu and Bramley. Have some crop on most other varieties?


Have excellent crop set on most of our Bartlett type pears. Have smallest crop set on Asian pears have ever encountered.

Peaches and Nectarines

While we lost all early Peaches, have good to full crops on most peach varieties that ripen during July to mid-August.

Will be putting up quick updates on Facebook, as we start picking Red Havens, other peach varieties and nectarines. Be sure to like our page at

Nectarine crop is fair to poor on most varieties.

Fig on treeMuscadines and Figs

Look good—maybe a great crop on both. Just maybe enough to make several batches of Fig Preserves.

Plums and Prunes

As previously mentioned, the freeze took out the plum crop. Prunes bloomed later, after the freeze. Will have some crop. How big, don’t know.

What's new with operating the farm

The new U.S. Farm Food Safety Act requires that farms growing fruits and vegetables, depending on farm production size, over the next one to four years must be using potable water in growing and harvesting. While we primarily use deep well water that is regularly tested, to fully comply and reduce the sprayer tank fill time from 20-30 minutes to 5 minutes, we are now installing a rack next to the pump house to hold a 300 gallon tank so sprayer can be rapidly gravity filled with well water.

This spring Jill, Alyssa, and Dave Malek planted 60 new peach trees to replace original trees that have died. Planted using Clemson's Dr. Schnabel "walking tree" concept. All have lived and growing great. Thanks for help—job well done!

Walking Peach Trees

Next spring plan to plant 80 to 100 more replacement trees.

Hope to see you real soon!

Dick Perdue


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Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10:00am til 5:30pm
CLOSED Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday


Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00am til 5:30pm
Sunday, 12:30pm til 5:30pm
CLOSED Monday and Tuesday

2400 S.C. Hwy 11
Travelers Rest, S.C. 29690
See Map
Retail market phone: (864) 895-0303

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2017 Berry Chart

2017 Plum Chart

2017 Peach Chart

2017 Apple Chart

2017 Pear Chart


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